Everbright Greentech is a specialty environmental protection service provider with its businesses including integrated biomass utilisation, hazardous waste treatment, and solar energy and wind power. As of December 31, 2016, the Company's aggregate biomass power generation designed capacity ranked fourth in China, and its aggregate hazardous waste disposal designed capacity ranked third in China. As of December 31, 2017, the Group had 82 environmental protection projects, with a total investment of approximately RMB19.758 billion and spanning across 9 provinces and municipalities in China, and in Germany.

  • Integrated Biomass Utilization

    The Group utilizes biomass raw materials, such as agricultural waste and forestry residue, to generate electricity and heat. As of December 31, 2017, the Group had 44 biomass projects, including 15 projects in operation, 10 projects under construction and 19 projects at the planning stage, with a total investment of approximately RMB13.022 billion and an aggregate power generation designed capacity of 992 MW, an aggregate biomass material processing designed capacity of 8,449,800 tons per annum, an aggregate household waste processing designed capacity of 2,281,250 tons per annum and an annual steam generation designed capacity of 1,752,000 tons per annum.

    The Group's operations tackle the escalating air pollution and smog issue in China by converting biomass raw materials into electricity and heat instead of burning them in the open air, as is commonly the case in many parts of China. At the same time, the Group provides benefits to farmers and the rural economy with employment opportunities during the course of biomass raw material purchases.

    In addition to electricity and heat generation from biomass raw materials, the Group has developed a unique business model of integrated biomass and waste-to-energy projects to provide one-stop services for local governments to handle both biomass raw materials and household waste at the same location.

  • Hazardous waste treatment

    The Group collects and safely disposes of hazardous waste to minimize its environmental impact. As of December 31, 2017, the Group had 29 hazardous waste treatment projects, including 11 projects completed construction and in operation, one projects under construction and 17 projects at the planning stage, with a total investment of approximately RMB5.341 billion and an aggregate hazardous waste and industrial solids treatment designed capacity of 674,150 tons per annum. The Group targets regions with a high degree of industrialization and waste production such as Jiangsu Province and Shandong Province and seek to build waste treatment facilities in or close to industrial zones to ensure continuous and stable demand for its services. The Group currently has the ability to treat 43 out of 46 categories of hazardous waste listed in the National Catalog of Hazardous Waste.

  • Solar energy and wind power

    As of December 31, 2017, the Group had seven solar energy projects and two wind power projects in operation with an aggregate power generation designed capacity of 125.9 MW.