Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation represents a new business segment of the Group covering restoration of industrial contaminated sites, restoration of contaminated farmland, restoration of mines and landfills, treatment of industrial gas emission, integrated treatment of oil sludge, treatment of river/lake sediments and industrial sludge, construction and operation of wetland parks, environmental housekeeping services and anti-seepage at landfill sites. The service process flow of this business segment is typically as follows: determination of the extent and scope of pollution through on-site inspection, quantitative assessment of site pollution risks using multi-tiered risk evaluation techniques, design of restoration schemes tailored to characteristics of different victims of pollution, and commencement of restoration work based on specialised tests and designs.

We continued to enhance the credit rating of Everbright Environmental Remediation (Jiangsu) Company Limited (光大環境修復(江蘇)有限公司)("Environmental Remediation Co."). As at 30 June 2018, Environmental Remediation Co. was qualified as a Class III contractor for specialised environmental engineering and Class C operator of environmental pollution treatment work in Jiangsu Province. It had also obtained a safe production permit, an "AAA" corporate credit rating and an "AA" credit rating given by a credit rating agency and China Construction Bank, respectively, as well as ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 management system accreditations.

As at 30 June 2018, the Group had secured 2 environmental remediation projects with a total contract amount of approximately RMB[48.18] million, including 1 project under construction with a contract amount of approximately RMB25.99 million for the restoration of polluted sites with a total area of approximately 74,000 square metres.

  • Project Under Construction

    Project Province Type of Investment Contract Value
    Jiangsu Environmental Remediation Project
    Phase I
    Jiangsu EPC 25,993,790
    Jiangsu Environmental Remediation Project
    Phase II
    Jiangsu EPC 44,893,750
    Total 70,887,540
  • Project in the Preparatory Stage

    Project Province Type of Investment Contract Value
    Sihong Chonggang Household Waste Landfill Integrated Remediation Project Jiangsu EPC 22,184,500
    Qidu Waste Landfill Integrated Management Project Jiangsu EPC 31,503,200
    Jiangsu Contaminated Site Remediation Project Jiangsu EPC 14,000,000
    Total 67,687,700