Solar Energy and Wind Power

The Group develops, manages and operates solar parks and wind farms to generate electricity. The Group primarily sells electricity to local power grid companies. Solar energy generating facilities consist of an array of solar panels which convert the energy in the sunlight into electricity. Such electricity is converted into alternating current, and then supplied to the power grids. All of the Group's seven solar energy projects are centralized projects which connect to the power grids and sell electricity to the power grid companies. The status of the solar energy systems is controlled by a monitoring system located either on-site or remotely.

For wind power projects, a wind turbine converts wind power into electricity through a generator connected to the turbine. Wind turbines are equipped with a control system which optimizes electrical production and adjusts to varying wind speed and direction. The Group uses a remote monitoring system to monitor its wind power project which allows for offsite operation and supervision.

The Group's solar energy and wind power projects are strategically located in areas with abundant solar or wind resources.

  • Solar energy projects and wind power projects

    Project Province Type of Investment Total Investment
    Shareholding Ratio
    Date of Commercial Operation Power Generation Capacity
    Solar energy projects
    Suqian Rooftop PV Energy Project Phase I Jiangsu BOO 52,720,000 100 December 2010 1.85
    Zhenjiang Ground Photovoltaic Energy Project Jiangsu BOO 69,516,000 100 December 2010 3.5
    Huaining Ground PV Energy Project Anhui BOO 50,722,500 100 May 2011 2
    Germany Ground PV Energy Project Germany BOO 68,360,400 100 September 2011 3.7
    Zhenjiang Rooftop PV Energy Project Jiangsu BOO 143,421,200 100 December 2011 8.7
    Suqian Rooftop PV Energy Project Phase II Jiangsu BOO 103,517,100 100 December 2011 6.43
    Changzhou Rooftop PV Energy Project Jiangsu BOO 60,271,400 100 December 2011 3.7
    Total     548,528,600     30
    Wind power projects
    Changfangshan Mountain Wind Power Project Phase I Shanxi BOO 429,120,000 100 September 2015 48
    Zhaojiashan Mountain Wind Power Project Phase I Shanxi BOO 417,046,300 100 October 2015 48
    Total     846,166,300     96

    Suqian Rooftop Solar Energy Projects employ poly-silicon cells technology Zhenjiang Solar Energy Project concludes a ground solar energy project and a rooftop solar energy project. The former employs thin film cells technology while the latter uses poly-silicon cells technology.
    Huaining Ground Solar Energy Project was among the first batch of National Golden Sun Projects (金太陽示範項目) and thus was entitled to national subsidies in the amount of 50% of the total investment. German Ground Solar Energy Project is located in Schönewalde, Germany and employs thin-film amorphous silicon cells technology.
    Changzhou Rooftop Solar Energy Project employs poly-silicon cells technology. Ningwu Wind Power Projects include Changfang Mountain Wind Power Project (Phase 1) and Zhaojia Mountain Wind Power Project (Phase 1), both employing double-fed induction generator technology.