Environment, Safety, Health and Social Responsibility

China Everbright Greentech Limited has established an ESHS department, which is led by the Company's vice president, Mr. Wang Dianer. The ESHS department oversees matters related to the environment, safety, health and social responsibility. It will be responsible for communication with the relevant environmental authorities and will ensure compliance with the relevant environmental, health and safety law.

Pursuant to national and local health and safety laws and regulations in China, China Everbright Greentech Limited is required to provide its employees a safe working environment. This includes providing safe working equipment, adequate protective clothing and gear, providing safety education and training and having dedicated safety management personnel.

Furthermore, the Company has developed and implemented a safety management policy and has provided safety training for its operating personnel. The Company also conducts regular inspections and maintenance checks on its equipment to ensure they are in compliance with the applicable national or industrial standards in respect of design, manufacturing, installation and use. The Company typically requires its independent contractors to follow the national and local health and safety laws and regulations and provide their employees working at the Company's sites with adequate protective equipment and gear and proper safety training.

In order to achieve the environmentally friendly operation of its facilities, China Everbright Greentech Limited has adopted a series of internal policies and standard operating procedures to monitor different aspects of its operations, from the design and construction of its facilities to the operation and maintenance of its facilities. In particular, the Company has engaged specialized personnel and third party experts to test and analyze the environmental impact of its facilities. The Company has adopted a broad range of technological measures to improve its environmental performance. The Company is also required under its agreements with the local governments to follow certain environmental protection standards and procedures for its projects. The local governments can monitor the environmental impact of its facilities in real-time and its facilities also need to pass the environmental acceptance check after completion of the project in order to obtain the final acceptance certificate for the project to commence operation.